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TV magnifying glasses - view TV clear, bright and in focus!

talking alarm clock by ivee Brillenglas Hand Held Lighted Magnifiers<br><br> Full Page Magnifier  8-1/2" x 11" - 2x Maginification<br><br> low vision talking alarm clock macular degeneration
Pyramid Talking Alarm Clock

Your Price: $19.87

Just talk and this clock listens! Talks back, too. Brillenglas Hand Held Magnifiers w/ LED Light Provides Full Page Magnification Pyramid Talking Alarm Clock
Big Button TV Remote Control
Big Button TV Remote Control
Your Price: $39.99

Big Button TV Remote

Eye Vitamins AREDS FormulaStabileyes AREDS Formula Plus Lutein Eye Vitamins

Clinically proven to reduce macular degeneration by 25%

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